SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools
SDX Fly Reel & Spools

SDX Fly Reel & Spools

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***Want to learn how to switch the SDP or SDX reel from left-hand to right-hand retrieve? Click Here

Sealed Drag X-frame (SDX) fly reel is the next level in craftsmanship and design! The SDX is fully CNC-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum then hard-anodized in a beautiful two-tone silver and brushed gold finish, to protect it against the harshest fishing environments. The SD' reels have a fully sealed drag, using carbon and non-asbestos disc brakes to help keep them cool under pressure. Their sealed three-bearing systems keep all unwanted elements out. These features, with machined precision tolerances, make these reels perfect for saltwater, big-game, and any other water adventure you have in-store for them. All Maxxon Outfitters sealed reels also comes with the revolutionary TRAXX cap system!

TRAXX Caps: These numeric TRAXX caps now pull double duty. First and foremost, they secure your spool to the reels frame without worry of losing them, thanks to the o-ring mounted system on the inside. Secondly, they give you the best way to keep track of what weight line you have on each spool. No more stickers to fall off or marker that vanishes over time. These interchangeable numbered-caps, we call TRAXX, stay on your spool, so you can be sure what line weight you put on it last.    

SDX Features:

  • Sealed Waterproof Internal Construction
  • CNC-Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Hard-Anodized Finish 
  • Carbon & Non-Asbestos Multi-DIsc Drag System
  • Three-Bearing Support on the Main Shaft
  • Large U-Shape Arbor Spool
  • TRAXX Numeric Spool Caps Included 
  • Converts for Left-Hand or Right-Hand Retrieve
  • Protective Neoprene Travel Pouch 
  • Lifetime Warranty & Maxxon's Unparalleled Customer Support! 
SDX-I 3/4 3.3" 1.0" 5.9 WF-4F / 50 yd, 20 lb  $        249.99
SDX-ISO SPOOL ONLY 3.0" 1.0" 1.7 WF-4F / 50 yd, 20 lb  $        124.99
SDX-II 4/5/6 3.5" 1.0" 6.2 WF-5F / 80 yd, 20 lb  $        249.99
SDX-IISO SPOOL ONLY 3.3" 1.0" 1.9 WF-5F / 80 yd, 20 lb  $        124.99
SDX-III 6/7/8 3.8" 1.0" 7.0 WF-7F / 130 yd, 20 lb  $        249.99
SDX-IIISO SPOOL ONLY 3.5" 1.0" 2.1 WF-7F / 130 yd, 20 lb  $        124.99
SDX-IV 8/9/10 4.0" 1.0" 7.5 WF-9F / 180 yd, 30 lb  $        249.99
SDX-IVSO SPOOL ONLY 3.8" 1.0" 2.3 WF-9F / 180 yd, 30 lb  $        124.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joe Yakobosky
Awesome Reels

I originally purchased a 4 wt. reel and was so impressed with it that I bought another one for Steelhead, Browns and Salmon on the NY tributaries. This reel definitely does not disappoint, the drag is flawless and smooth. I can’t say enough good things about the quality and smoothness of these reels. I’m sold for life on your products.

Awesome reel!

I've been using the 5/6wt SDX reel for a few years as my primary stillwater reel and it's never let me down. Really easy to swap spools if I want to switch from a floating line to a sink tip, and the drag system has been put to the test by some heavy fish. Highly recommend!

Gary (Bill) Betts

This is not about rating a product but about service. My grandson was using my 5 wt Double XX and lost the tip. Called Maxxon the same day and had a real person answer my call (Jennifer). Had a new tip within 5 days at no charge. Unbelievable service. This doesn’t happen with Sage, Winston, Scott, etc. My next purchase for a rod, reel or whatever will be from Maxxon.

Keith Jones
Amazing under pressure

I purchased this reel to battle giant salmon out of the Salmon River in Pulaski Ny. I have shattered drag systems on other higher priced reels. This reel didn’t skip a beet with tons of abuse coming its way. In a 6 day trip it handles 35+ giants with out one single problem! Simply Awesome reel at a great price as well! I will be replacing all my reels with Maxxon. FISH ON!!!

Anthony @Lipn_Em_fishing
Not enough stars!!

If I could give this reel 10/10 stars I would! Im pretty hard on my gear and this bad boys proving to hold up extremely well to that! Ive been using it to chase everything from tarpon in the salt to bass in the ponds. Its quickly become the staple in my fly fishing arsenal!