MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools
MAX Fly Reel & Spools

MAX Fly Reel & Spools

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***Want to learn how to switch the MAX reel from left-hand to right-hand retrieve? Click Here

The Machined Aluminum X-frame (or MAX) by Maxxon Outfitters, is the reel you have been looking for!

Made to balance beautifully with lighter modern-day fly rods, this state of the art machined process also makes this reel highly superior to any die-cast process know to science. Fully CNC-Machined with extremely tight tolerances, the MAX is not only slick looking with its skeletonized, lightweight aluminum frame & large arbor spool design, it is also highly functional. Some other lightweight frame designs allow your fly lines to get pulled into your spool, ruining expensive fly lines, but not the MAX. We removed only what is needed from the spools to keep them durable yet light in the hand, while maintaining enough support for the fly line, extending its life.

Ultra smooth start-up, and the ability to spin like a dream, are just a few more reasons to add this reel to your line-up. The MAX also features a hard-anodized, matte black finish, with a powerful center disc-drag system that is sure to keep you in control. Available in four sizes to choose from, the MAX was built to fit every one of your fishing adventures. 

All this and much more, and always backed by Maxxon's Lifetime Warranty. 

MAX Features:

  • Fully CNC-Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Reel
  • 3-Bearing Support System 
  • Large Arbor Spool for Fast Line Pick-Up
  • Powerful Center Disc-Drag
  • Stealthy Matte Black Hard Anodized Finish
  • Easily Converts for Left or Right-Hand Retrieve
  • Neoprene Travel Pouch Included 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
MAX-I 3/4 3.27" 1.00" 4.8 WF-4F / 50 yd, 20 lb  $       149.99
MAX-ISO SPOOL ONLY 3.00" 1.00" 1.9 WF-4F / 50 yd, 20 lb  $         74.99
MAX-II 5/6 3.54" 1.06" 5.1 WF-5F / 80 yd, 20 lb  $       149.99
MAX-IISO SPOOL ONLY 3.27" 1.06" 2.0 WF-5F / 80 yd, 20 lb  $         74.99
MAX-III 7/8 3.82" 1.06" 5.7 WF-7F / 130 yd, 20 lb  $       149.99
MAX-IIISO SPOOL ONLY 3.54" 1.06" 2.2 WF-7F / 130 yd, 20 lb  $         74.99
MAX-IV 9/10 4.09" 1.06" 6.6 WF-9F / 180 yd, 30 lb  $       149.99
MAX-IVSO SPOOL ONLY 3.78" 1.06" 2.6 WF-9F / 180 yd, 30 lb  $         74.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Grayson Venn
3rd MAX

I now own three of these reels and may end up with more. The first one I bought was for my 8wt last year, I loved it so much, I bought a second one right away for my 6wt. After fishing these reels for a an entire year, and now looking to get a 7wt set up to fill in my collection, I decided to buy a third Max reel. Smooth spinning reel. Light weight. You hardly notice the reels weight on the rod. This reel cleans and dries easy without needing to take it apart. I recommend it to everyone I know that fishes. You all make some great products, thank you!

Christian Perez
New Favorite Reels

This is the second MAX reel I own now. I bought my first at a store close to home, and picked this bigger one up from Sportsmans Warehouse before heading off to fish Alaska. These reels are build like tanks for all day fishing and stripping. I love how light they are and yet how strong the drag is. I have reels twice the price that I hardly fish anymore because they do not feel as good, nor are they as light as the Max is. I know they are not made specifically for saltwater but I have no issues using mind in the salt and know how to take care of my reels. I recommend this reel to anyone looking for a good quality reel that can handle anything your use it for, while on a beer budget.
Keep up the good work guys! You made me Maxxon customer for life!


This reel has the worse drag I have ever had.
It always keeps backing off and you get a lot of birds nest
I would not buy or recommend this product

Hello Wes,
Sorry to hear you hate our reel, and to get to read your negative review posted on our website without ever reaching out to us first so we could help fix your isolated issue. We will be happy to help make things right. Since we don't have issues like this with our reels, we have a lot of questions and we would like to get them answered. We would really love to get your reel back in our possession so we can see what happened with yours.
We will also be happy to trade out your reel for one that works as intended at no cost to you. All that is needed is to contact us by phone or send us an email with your info so we can get to the bottom of this. Please feel free to reach out to us Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm. #1-253-373-0166 or
We hope to hear from you soon.

Frank Hoxsey
Lives above the expectation

I had met you all at the NW sportsman's show. I picked one of your reels while talking with you all and fell in love with the weight and feel. A couple weeks ago I found myself needing a new reel and I immediately thought of you. I went through the website and found this reels specs tut my needs perfectly.

Today was my first run with this reels and WOW, it performed. The drag is easy to dial in. The bearings and drag ran smoothly as the fish pulled, not a hint of jerking.

I can't speak for the long term yet but, I will be buying this reels from you for all my future rods.

Josh Johnson
Light, smooth, solid

I have this reel paired with the double xx 8’6” 4wt rod… and I have to say it balances out the rod perfectly! The drag dial works you can tell the difference between each click up or down on the drag (which I’ve seen otherwise in other brands) I have been “tight lining” with a mono rig with this rod and reel and a common problem is a reel will have a bit too big of a gap between spool and reel housing, and the mono will slip out at times but with this reel I have not had this problem! Can’t get enough Maxxon gear! It is all QUALITY!