Report from The Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show

Hi everybody. My name is JC. You don’t know me, but I help out with the web site and I’ll be chipping in to write some posts when Justin and Greg get too busy. (Right now Justin is at the factory working on designing a new product!)

VP Of Sales Greg Mills and Product Developer Brian Vague invited me out to the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood, Washington this past weekend to learn about the products I’ve been seeing every day on the web site. So this was the first time I’ve had a chance to actually see all the Maxxon gear and meet some of the customers.

Now I’ve been fly fishing since I was six, but like many of you I only learned about Maxxon recently. In fact, I gotta confess: I haven’t bought any new gear in years so pretty much the entire show I was that kid in a candy store! So I am not by any means an expert on fishing gear. But I do know fly fishing and here are a couple of observations I have after hanging out at the show for a couple of hours.

Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show: Brian Vague (right) and another happy SDX Reel customer!
First, there is a real attention to detail in Maxxon gear. I know a lot of guys hear about Maxxon because of the great deals, but pretty much every product has at least one feature where you go “Why doesn’t everyone do that?” Like the grommets running along both sides of their boats. Every person I met who was looking for a boat? That’s the first thing they notice. Why doesn’t everyone do that?

The other thing that struck me was how enthusiastic Maxxon customers are about the gear. I met people who had driven literally hundreds of miles to purchase a boat or a rod and a reel. And almost all of that interest is strictly word of mouth–no fancy marketing campaign. Now that’s passion!

I left the show more excited about fly fishing than I have been in a good while. And now I’ve got my eye on an Aurelius #4 (I love the action and the feel of the clear coat.)

Next Stop: Lancaster, PA

The next Maxxon show will be The Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA on March 9 and 10 at the Lancaster County Convention Center.  So if you’re in the area, stop by and see Greg and Justin and check out their complete line of fly fishing rods, reels and inflatable boats.