Report from the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show

It’s been crazy busy! Justin had only just gotten back from a product design trip to China (more on that in a few weeks!) and had to immediately jump on another flight for the Lancaster, PA Fly Fishing Show.

So far Greg and Justin have been counting mostly on word of mouth to get the word out about Maxxon Outfitters but what we’re noticing this year is that the word has finally gotten out. People were coming to the show this year just to find us. This was yet another show where we sold all the product we had brought with us.

One reason I know people choose Maxxon gear is because everyone at Maxxon have such a great attitude about fly fishing. Justin designs products that are practical because he has such a curiosity about how to make your life easier out on the water. You talk to him for two minutes and you can hear the enthusiasm and sincerity. He researches the heck out of every rod and reel. So when he talks to someone at a show, the gear literally sells itself.

For example, I’ve been fly fishing since forever and when he first showed me the Traxx System on the SDX Fly Reel, I was, to put it mildly, not all that impressed. But then I thought about it for a while and duuuuuuuuuuuuh, it makes perfect sense. It’s an idea that should have been invented decades ago. But it probably took someone like Justin, who hadn’t been doing the “same ol’ same ol'” for years to come up with it.

There’s only one problem. There isn’t enough Justin to go around. So I’m working on getting Justin and Greg to start doing  some short videos that we’ll be posting here and on social media (Youtube, Facebook and Instagram). Some will be on Maxxon Outfitters products, sure. But some might be on fishing techniques, some might be on what new things we’re working on, and some might just be questions people ask us all the time.

The point is that we know we want to connect with more of you like we do at these Shows and this should be a way to do it when we can’t get to your town.

So send us your ideas for videos. Product questions? Fishing techniques? Anything at all.