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On July 9, at iCast 2019 (the sport fishing industry’s biggest trade show), Maxxon Outfitters will release  The Salish salt water fly rod and the SDP salt water fly reel series. Both of these products will have features you’ve demanded. And both are the direct result of the intense listening we’ve been doing over the past two years.

The Salish rod and SDP reels are just the latest parts of a long-range plan we’ve been working on since we started five years ago. We wanted to provide the highest quality, best value products in fly fishing. So we started with a few key items to fill a much needed gap in the market. We proved that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get gear that performs well and stands up to hard use.

Now we’re stepping up our game; providing more specialized designs to take your fishing to the next level. As your commitment to the sport grows, we’re going to be right there with you, with the pro-level products you demand.

But we’re just getting started. We’re going to be adding even more new gear in the coming months. Gear that is optimized for the latest techniques we know you’ll be interested in trying. We’re also offering upgrades to several other products, adding new features and new sizes to some of our most popular products. This is just the beginning.

Maxxon Outfitters is in this for the long run. Like you, we’re just going to keep growing our skills, building the gear you need for a lifetime of great experiences on the water.

Coming Soon: The Salish Salt Water Fly Fishing Rod

The Salish Sea is the name given by the original inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest to all the waters from the Straits Of Georgia down through Puget Sound. It contains some of the most challenging and rewarding fishing grounds in the world. And Maxxon Outfitters is proud to call the Salish Sea our home.

In honor of our home waters, on July 9th, Maxxon Outfitters will introduce The Salish, our first series of fly fishing rods specifically designed to handle the rigors of salt water fishing.  Available in a full range of sizes from six to twelve, this is the rod our customers have been demanding.

The Salish lives up to its namesake and is built to excel in even the toughest conditions. Strong, responsive, beautifully crafted and like all our products the best value you’ll find anywhere. Simply put, this is the finest rod we have ever made.

Check back in a few weeks for more details and then place your order for The Salish.

Meet Maxxon Ambassador Bryan Roberts

Hailing from Ocala, Florida, check out Maxxon Ambassador Bryan Roberts.

Bryan has been using Maxxon Outfitters gear almost since we began. And this April he took all his favorite tools with him for five weeks of what he describes as a “bucket list adventure” down to the wilds of Argentina.

His tour began with trips on the Paranal and Dulce Rivers fishing for Golden Dorados like this monster. His biggest catch weighing in at close to 40lbs.

Bryan then moved on to Jurassic Lake going for Rainbow Trout. At all these locales he had success with nothing fancy: dry flies and wooly buggers (plus a good deal of technique of course.)

Bryan’s weapon of choice? The Aurelius in 5wt, 8wt and 9wt.”It’s durable and really, really sensitive. ”

What does he like best about Maxxon Outfitters? “The service is unreal. There was one time when I needed a rod to be replaced and they got it back to me in five days!”

Bryan is articulate and he’s one of those guys who is eager to share so others can learn and get in on the action. He wanted us to know that the fishing in Argentina is incredible and he’s happy to share all the details for others who are looking for a once-a-lifetime fishing experience like this.

The SDP Saltwater Fly Reel is here!

The SDP is our first reel designed specifically for the rigors of salt water fishing and it’s available for immediate delivery. Order Now!

Maxxon Outfitters is proud to announce that the SDP Saltwater Flyfishing Reel is available now!

The SDP is our first reel designed specifically to handle the rigors of salt water fishing. And not to brag, but we think she’s quite a looker. But beauty aside, we built it with the quality, durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from Maxxon. Plus, we included exclusive features like our Traxx™ system to make it the most practical reel you can get.

If you’re a fly fisher who works in salt water, this should be your next reel.

Order Now!

Meet Maxxon Ambassador Allison Hendricks

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tampa-based guide Allison Hendricks.

Allison has been a big fan of Maxxon Outfitters gear for a long time. If you’re following Maxxon Outfitters on our Facebook or Instagram pages you’re seeing Allison’s impressive catches using Maxxon Double XX rods and SDX Series reels.

Allison often works at night guiding clients along the beaches of Tampa. What does she like best about Maxxon gear? “It just works. My gear gets worked hard but I never have to worry breaking a Maxxon rod. It just keeps going and going.”

This past month Allison was featured in the new book Fifty Women Who Fish by Steve Kantner, published by Wild River Press which celebrates the ladies. It’s an absolutely beautiful book. If you have daughters just getting started in fly fishing you should definitely check it out. Here’s hoping it encourages even more women to take up our favorite sport.

Right now Allison is heading to Wyoming for a summer of guiding trips along the Yellowstone River. She’s living the dream and of course she’s doing it with Maxxon Outfitters gear.

You can find out more about what Allison is doing on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Trout Season Opener Give-Away? We Have A Winner!

Gorge Max II Prime Fly Line Give-away
To celebrate the unofficial National Trout Season Opener Maxxon Outfitters we announced that we would be giving away a complete fishing rig to one lucky winner. And today is that day.

Drum roll, please…

The winner (chosen totally at random) of our National Trout Season Opener Give-Away  and new owner of a complete Gorge/Max II Fly Rig is Holland Hoefnagel!

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Wasatch Intermountain Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo

Come meet Maxxon Outfitters Director Of Product Development Justin Cameron and Steve Densley this Friday or Saturday April 12th and 13th in Sandy, Utah at the Wasatch Expo Center.

Justin and Steve will have some great tips on how to select and make the most of, all our fly fishing and personal watercraft gear. We’ll have a wide selection of gear for you to try and then take home when you find just the right rod, reel or boat to get your fishing season started right.

Plus, Justin will also have the scoop on some exciting new products we’ll be introducing in the next few months.

And while you’re saying ‘hello’, don’t forget to sign up for our National Trout Season Opener Give-Away! All it takes to be eligible win is to sign up for our mailing list. The winner will be chosen April 15th!

National Trout Season Opener Give-Away!

Gorge Max II Prime Fly Line Give-away
To celebrate the unofficial National Trout Season Opener Maxxon Outfitters will be giving away a complete fishing rig to one lucky winner.  Click here to sign up.

NOTE: Due to a fairly monumental screw-up on our end, we postponed the give-away until April 15th. So if you already signed up and are wondering why you haven’t heard about who won or who lost? That’s why! If you haven’t signed up, well here’s a second chance to get in on a pretty sweet deal. Read on…

The lucky contestant will win:

That’s over $300 of fly fishing awesome and pretty much everything you’ll need to do some great trout fishing this spring.

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Can your boat do this?

Personal Watercraft like our XPW-239 are so portable you can take them fishing anywhere.

I was talking with VP Of Sales Greg Mills after he got back from the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon and he showed me this photo. Meet Tracy Tophooven from She’s just purchased a Maxxon Outfitters XPW-239 and is walking away with pretty much everything she needs for a great day on the water.

Now Greg has been trying to get me to borrow one of these for a while now and I admit I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been a happy confirmed Kayak Angler for many years. But when I saw this picture something clicked for me. You see we have this small property out near Quilcene with a great little lake only about a hundred feet off a dirt road. But that hundred feet may as well be a hundred miles when it’s cold and muddy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by it thinking I might go fishing for dinner and decided, “Nope” because that hundred feet was just too far because getting the kayak down there would be just too hard. Like they say: so near and yet so far! Well, Greg is right. Here’s the solution!

And another thing. Like many of you, I keep a couple of fishing rigs in the trunk of my car ready to go pretty much all the time–just in case, right? It never occurred to me that I’ve been missing something! This is the boat I can have in the trunk of my car right along with the rest of my gear. This completes my rig!

I’m already thinking of other opportunities to use this boat as summer approaches. For example, we’ve got spaces reserved at several State Campgrounds. And many of them are just a short hike to the ocean or a lake. With the XP-239 we’ll have a lot more flexibility to fish wherever we can hike to and without the hassle of deploying kayaks wherever we go.

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words” and it really is true. Greg’s been trying to tell me what a great idea these boats are but it took this picture to make it clear for me.

I think a lot of other people must be getting the message too because Greg reports that Maxxon Outfitters sold more personal watercraft at the Albany show than ever before.