National Trout Season Opener Give-Away!

Gorge Max II Prime Fly Line Give-away

Gorge Max II Prime Fly Line Give-away
To celebrate the unofficial National Trout Season Opener Maxxon Outfitters will be giving away a complete fishing rig to one lucky winner.  Click here to sign up.

NOTE: Due to a fairly monumental screw-up on our end, we postponed the give-away until April 15th. So if you already signed up and are wondering why you haven’t heard about who won or who lost? That’s why! If you haven’t signed up, well here’s a second chance to get in on a pretty sweet deal. Read on…

The lucky contestant will win:

That’s over $300 of fly fishing awesome and pretty much everything you’ll need to do some great trout fishing this spring.

So: what do you have to do to win all this you ask? Simple. Just make sure you’re signed up on our mailing list.

So click here to sign up for the mailing list and check back here on April 15th to see if you’re the lucky winner. No fooling.

4 thoughts on “National Trout Season Opener Give-Away!”

  1. A) your sign up for the fly rod drawing will not open, not available.

    B) are your combo set up reels loaded for left hand or right hand retrieval?

    1. Hi Joe,

      We messed up. Big Time. It’s a long story, but the button on Instagram was for *another* give-away and another employee who had been in charge of the site had to leave town for a trade show before connecting a new button to the give-away. Long story short, we’re postponing the whole give-away until April 15 (Tax Day). SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!

      As to your question, our reels can be set up for right -or- left hand retrieval. Click the Youtube Channel Button at the very bottom of any page and you’ll see videos with specific instructions for each reel.

      Again: Sorry for the mistake. It won’t happen again!

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