Coming Soon: The Salish Salt Water Fly Fishing Rod

The Salish Sea is the name given by the original inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest to all the waters from the Straits Of Georgia down through Puget Sound. It contains some of the most challenging and rewarding fishing grounds in the world. And Maxxon Outfitters is proud to call the Salish Sea our home.

In honor of our home waters, on July 9th, Maxxon Outfitters will introduce The Salish, our first series of fly fishing rods specifically designed to handle the rigors of salt water fishing.  Available in a full range of sizes from six to twelve, this is the rod our customers have been demanding.

The Salish lives up to its namesake and is built to excel in even the toughest conditions. Strong, responsive, beautifully crafted and like all our products the best value you’ll find anywhere. Simply put, this is the finest rod we have ever made.

Check back in a few weeks for more details and then place your order for The Salish.