We’re listening

On July 9, at iCast 2019 (the sport fishing industry’s biggest trade show), Maxxon Outfitters will release  The Salish salt water fly rod and the SDP salt water fly reel series. Both of these products will have features you’ve demanded. And both are the direct result of the intense listening we’ve been doing over the past two years.

The Salish rod and SDP reels are just the latest parts of a long-range plan we’ve been working on since we started five years ago. We wanted to provide the highest quality, best value products in fly fishing. So we started with a few key items to fill a much needed gap in the market. We proved that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get gear that performs well and stands up to hard use.

Now we’re stepping up our game; providing more specialized designs to take your fishing to the next level. As your commitment to the sport grows, we’re going to be right there with you, with the pro-level products you demand.

But we’re just getting started. We’re going to be adding even more new gear in the coming months. Gear that is optimized for the latest techniques we know you’ll be interested in trying. We’re also offering upgrades to several other products, adding new features and new sizes to some of our most popular products. This is just the beginning.

Maxxon Outfitters is in this for the long run. Like you, we’re just going to keep growing our skills, building the gear you need for a lifetime of great experiences on the water.

Coming Soon: The Salish Salt Water Fly Fishing Rod

The Salish Sea is the name given by the original inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest to all the waters from the Straits Of Georgia down through Puget Sound. It contains some of the most challenging and rewarding fishing grounds in the world. And Maxxon Outfitters is proud to call the Salish Sea our home.

In honor of our home waters, on July 9th, Maxxon Outfitters will introduce The Salish, our first series of fly fishing rods specifically designed to handle the rigors of salt water fishing.  Available in a full range of sizes from six to twelve, this is the rod our customers have been demanding.

The Salish lives up to its namesake and is built to excel in even the toughest conditions. Strong, responsive, beautifully crafted and like all our products the best value you’ll find anywhere. Simply put, this is the finest rod we have ever made.

Check back in a few weeks for more details and then place your order for The Salish.

Trout Season Opener Give-Away? We Have A Winner!

Gorge Max II Prime Fly Line Give-away
To celebrate the unofficial National Trout Season Opener Maxxon Outfitters we announced that we would be giving away a complete fishing rig to one lucky winner. And today is that day.

Drum roll, please…

The winner (chosen totally at random) of our National Trout Season Opener Give-Away  and new owner of a complete Gorge/Max II Fly Rig is Holland Hoefnagel!

That’s over $300 of fly fishing awesome and pretty much everything you’ll need to do some great trout fishing this spring.

OK, so for all of you who didn’t win, don’t whine. Just by signing up, you’re automatically entered in our next smash, hit give-away which we’ll be announcing really soon.

You haven’t signed up? Well, what are you waiting for? When you get on our mailing list, you’ll not only be eligible for great swag like Holland just won, but also get the latest info on new products, tips on fishing techniques and dates on where to see us at all the best fishing shows.

So click here to sign up and check back here or on that there social media often.

Can your boat do this?

Personal Watercraft like our XPW-239 are so portable you can take them fishing anywhere.

I was talking with VP Of Sales Greg Mills after he got back from the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon and he showed me this photo. Meet Tracy Tophooven from StoneflyMaidens.org. She’s just purchased a Maxxon Outfitters XPW-239 and is walking away with pretty much everything she needs for a great day on the water.

Now Greg has been trying to get me to borrow one of these for a while now and I admit I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been a happy confirmed Kayak Angler for many years. But when I saw this picture something clicked for me. You see we have this small property out near Quilcene with a great little lake only about a hundred feet off a dirt road. But that hundred feet may as well be a hundred miles when it’s cold and muddy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by it thinking I might go fishing for dinner and decided, “Nope” because that hundred feet was just too far because getting the kayak down there would be just too hard. Like they say: so near and yet so far! Well, Greg is right. Here’s the solution!

And another thing. Like many of you, I keep a couple of fishing rigs in the trunk of my car ready to go pretty much all the time–just in case, right? It never occurred to me that I’ve been missing something! This is the boat I can have in the trunk of my car right along with the rest of my gear. This completes my rig!

I’m already thinking of other opportunities to use this boat as summer approaches. For example, we’ve got spaces reserved at several State Campgrounds. And many of them are just a short hike to the ocean or a lake. With the XP-239 we’ll have a lot more flexibility to fish wherever we can hike to and without the hassle of deploying kayaks wherever we go.

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words” and it really is true. Greg’s been trying to tell me what a great idea these boats are but it took this picture to make it clear for me.

I think a lot of other people must be getting the message too because Greg reports that Maxxon Outfitters sold more personal watercraft at the Albany show than ever before.

Report from the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show

It’s been crazy busy! Justin had only just gotten back from a product design trip to China (more on that in a few weeks!) and had to immediately jump on another flight for the Lancaster, PA Fly Fishing Show.

So far Greg and Justin have been counting mostly on word of mouth to get the word out about Maxxon Outfitters but what we’re noticing this year is that the word has finally gotten out. People were coming to the show this year just to find us. This was yet another show where we sold all the product we had brought with us.

One reason I know people choose Maxxon gear is because everyone at Maxxon have such a great attitude about fly fishing. Justin designs products that are practical because he has such a curiosity about how to make your life easier out on the water. You talk to him for two minutes and you can hear the enthusiasm and sincerity. He researches the heck out of every rod and reel. So when he talks to someone at a show, the gear literally sells itself.

For example, I’ve been fly fishing since forever and when he first showed me the Traxx System on the SDX Fly Reel, I was, to put it mildly, not all that impressed. But then I thought about it for a while and duuuuuuuuuuuuh, it makes perfect sense. It’s an idea that should have been invented decades ago. But it probably took someone like Justin, who hadn’t been doing the “same ol’ same ol'” for years to come up with it.

There’s only one problem. There isn’t enough Justin to go around. So I’m working on getting Justin and Greg to start doing  some short videos that we’ll be posting here and on social media (Youtube, Facebook and Instagram). Some will be on Maxxon Outfitters products, sure. But some might be on fishing techniques, some might be on what new things we’re working on, and some might just be questions people ask us all the time.

The point is that we know we want to connect with more of you like we do at these Shows and this should be a way to do it when we can’t get to your town.

So send us your ideas for videos. Product questions? Fishing techniques? Anything at all.

Report from The Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show

Hi everybody. My name is JC. You don’t know me, but I help out with the web site and I’ll be chipping in to write some posts when Justin and Greg get too busy. (Right now Justin is at the factory working on designing a new product!)

VP Of Sales Greg Mills and Product Developer Brian Vague invited me out to the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood, Washington this past weekend to learn about the products I’ve been seeing every day on the web site. So this was the first time I’ve had a chance to actually see all the Maxxon gear and meet some of the customers.

Now I’ve been fly fishing since I was six, but like many of you I only learned about Maxxon recently. In fact, I gotta confess: I haven’t bought any new gear in years so pretty much the entire show I was that kid in a candy store! So I am not by any means an expert on fishing gear. But I do know fly fishing and here are a couple of observations I have after hanging out at the show for a couple of hours.

Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show: Brian Vague (right) and another happy SDX Reel customer!
First, there is a real attention to detail in Maxxon gear. I know a lot of guys hear about Maxxon because of the great deals, but pretty much every product has at least one feature where you go “Why doesn’t everyone do that?” Like the grommets running along both sides of their boats. Every person I met who was looking for a boat? That’s the first thing they notice. Why doesn’t everyone do that?

The other thing that struck me was how enthusiastic Maxxon customers are about the gear. I met people who had driven literally hundreds of miles to purchase a boat or a rod and a reel. And almost all of that interest is strictly word of mouth–no fancy marketing campaign. Now that’s passion!

I left the show more excited about fly fishing than I have been in a good while. And now I’ve got my eye on an Aurelius #4 (I love the action and the feel of the clear coat.)

Next Stop: Lancaster, PA

The next Maxxon show will be The Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA on March 9 and 10 at the Lancaster County Convention Center.  So if you’re in the area, stop by and see Greg and Justin and check out their complete line of fly fishing rods, reels and inflatable boats.


Welcome to the all new Maxxon Outfitters!

Hi everybody! This new site is something we’ve been working on for a long time and we’re all pretty excited because today is the day!

Maxxon is sort of a not-so-secret secret in the fly fishing world. Every day we hear from fans all over the country who say things like, “Why don’t more people know about you?” and “How come we can’t get your gear on-line?” Well now you can.

Here you’ll be able to purchase our complete line of rods, reels, line, accessories and inflatable boats. All our products feature what makes Maxxon gear so popular among people who really know fishing: the best gear at the best price. All our products combine innovative features, rugged construction at an unbeatable price point.

But we’re just getting started. Today we’re putting our fly fishing catalog on line. Soon we’ll have even more exciting news about a whole range of products I can’t talk about. Yet. All I can tell you is that I think you’re going to be even more impressed at the level of quality and value we provide. Stay tuned.

Like everything we do, we want to do this the right way. So let us know what you like (and what you don’t like) about the site so we can make it even better. Maxxon Outfitters is all about providing the best value for money and we want to make sure this site gives you everything you need to decide our gear is the best choice you can make.