Can your boat do this?

Personal Watercraft like our XPW-239 are so portable you can take them fishing anywhere.

I was talking with VP Of Sales Greg Mills after he got back from the NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon and he showed me this photo. Meet Tracy Tophooven from She’s just purchased a Maxxon Outfitters XPW-239 and is walking away with pretty much everything she needs for a great day on the water.

Now Greg has been trying to get me to borrow one of these for a while now and I admit I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been a happy confirmed Kayak Angler for many years. But when I saw this picture something clicked for me. You see we have this small property out near Quilcene with a great little lake only about a hundred feet off a dirt road. But that hundred feet may as well be a hundred miles when it’s cold and muddy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by it thinking I might go fishing for dinner and decided, “Nope” because that hundred feet was just too far because getting the kayak down there would be just too hard. Like they say: so near and yet so far! Well, Greg is right. Here’s the solution!

And another thing. Like many of you, I keep a couple of fishing rigs in the trunk of my car ready to go pretty much all the time–just in case, right? It never occurred to me that I’ve been missing something! This is the boat I can have in the trunk of my car right along with the rest of my gear. This completes my rig!

I’m already thinking of other opportunities to use this boat as summer approaches. For example, we’ve got spaces reserved at several State Campgrounds. And many of them are just a short hike to the ocean or a lake. With the XP-239 we’ll have a lot more flexibility to fish wherever we can hike to and without the hassle of deploying kayaks wherever we go.

They say “one picture is worth a thousand words” and it really is true. Greg’s been trying to tell me what a great idea these boats are but it took this picture to make it clear for me.

I think a lot of other people must be getting the message too because Greg reports that Maxxon Outfitters sold more personal watercraft at the Albany show than ever before.